Optimize your performance and wellbeing in just 30 minutes a week.

Capable of altering your physical structure, internal physiology and mental and emotional states, it’s no secret Breathwork plays a key role in the wellness regimes of high performing athletes and executives.

How Breath can change your life

Hosted live and online weekly through Zoom, Breath changes the habits, patterns and  posture contributing to the stress your body and mind experiences into focus, acceptance and release.

Hundred Year Plan’s Breath workshop will strengthen your attention, awaken your posture and expand your spine as well as your lungs.

Breath is designed for anyone who:

When you join Breath, you’ll receive

Breath is a ten (10) week workshop that provides you with the framework for total integrated breath to affect you in a variety of ways.

Learn and implement the principles and techniques of healthy Breathing through this powerful workshop series.

Why Breathing?

Breathing is the most vital process of life. We can live Weeks without food, Days without water and only a few minutes without Breath — besides being directly linked to posture and all of our internal organs, breathing is also a tool to relieve stress and trauma.
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"One healthy breathing generation of people could rebirth all of humanity, making diseases such rare events that people will see them as something absolutely unusual"

- Unknown


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