Optimize your performance and wellbeing in just 30 minutes a week.

Capable of altering your physical structure, internal physiology and mental and emotional states, it’s no secret Breathwork plays a key role in the wellness regimes of high performing athletes and executives.

But did you know the same breathing techniques used by elite athletes can be mastered by anyone to significantly improve their wellbeing and manage pain?

Breathwork is one of the easiest ways to alter your physical chemistry to create new and supportive states, control nervous system responses, and even strengthen the postural foundations of structural health.

You’ve heard your physiotherapist say it one thousand times: Posture is fundamental to structural health just as postural quality affects Breath, so true is the reverse. Of the 21 muscles used for breath, 20 contribute to posture.

Indeed, research suggests a causal link between poor breathing and low back pain, gastrointestinal pain and neck pain, as well as breathing muscle weakness with neck and low back pain.

"Most People Aren't Really Breathing

– They just Aren't Dying"

- Jacob McGill

"Most People Aren't Really Breathing

– They just Aren't Dying"

- Jacob McGill

What is disordered breathing?

Disordered breathing occurs when upper chest breathing becomes the dominant pattern of breathing. This breathing tends to be faster and through the mouth. Disordered breathing can also include big sighs, breath holding, yawning, feeling breathless, or feeling unable to take a full breath in or out.

Disordered breathing takes a toll on the body’s blood chemistry, affecting the autonomic nervous system, which controls immunity, growth, digestion, and reproduction. Symptoms of disordered breathing may include dizziness, anxiety, pins and needles, chest pain or tension, blurred vision, and feeling easily overwhelmed or constantly on edge.

Why Breath?

Hundred Year Plan’s Breath provides evidence-based online respiratory training for people with a range of physical conditions, as well as those seeking to optimize performance and overall wellbeing.

In under half an hour a week, Breath is a powerful way to:

The Hundred Year Plan was my last resort and final stop.

 - Jacqueline F.

"The Hundred Year Plan was my last resort and final stop."

 - Jacqueline F.

3 Facts About Breathing

Manage stress and anxiety while hardening mental and emotional strength

Breath is much more than a technique to stay balanced and connected. Besides its countless proven benefits for physical and mental health, breath is a pathway to lasting inner peace and heightened states of calm and awareness that permit you to flourish.

Are you constantly stressed — even in absence of stressful triggers?

Evolution hardwired us to fight, flee or freeze in the face of stressful events. While stress is normal and even helpful in small doses, our bodies are not designed to be permanently hijacked by our fight-flight-freeze response.

Prolonged sitting erodes our mental, emotional and physical capacities, and our joy and peacefulness.

Over time this causes low level stress which affects our sleep, performance, hormones, blood chemistry, and nervous systems, causing symptoms like:

Hundred Year Plan’s Breath workshop will strengthen your attention, awaken your posture and expand your spine as well as your lungs.

Breath is a ten (10) week workshop that provides you with the framework for total integrated breath to affect you in a variety of ways.

Best of all, you can join this life-changing experience from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.

Price: $99.00/month

Why Breathing?
Breathing is the most vital process of life. We can live Weeks without food, Days without water and only a few minutes without Breath — besides being directly linked to posture and all of our internal organs, breathing is also a tool to relieve stress and trauma.


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